Yes, the Panache Air PC has Intel® Atom™ Quad Core processor for superior performance as well as 2GB DDR3 RAM which offers high speed and high bandwidth memory. As such you will be able to do all of the things you would do on a desktop PC or laptop! Play music, watch videos, run applications (including Microsoft Office), check your emails and browse the web using the full version of the Windows 10 operating system.

Yes, the Panache Air PC supports storage up to additional 128GB via Micro SD. In addition, we also recommend the use of a cloud based storage solution (such as Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox). You can also connect USB Storage Drives & External Hard Disk Drives on the Device via additional USB Port for further Storage.

The Panache Air PC comes with a fully licensed version of Windows 10 (with no expiry date) included in the cost . The copy of Window 10 is not a trial version and will not expire, so you will not have to purchase anything else at a later time.

The Panache Air PC runs 32-bit Windows.

Using a typical profile, we timed the Panache Air PC start up time to be 15 seconds. That is the time from "power on" (pressing the on button) to Windows 10 Sign in Screen

Yes! Panache Air PC uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to allow you to connect a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your Panache Air PC.

Yes, your wireless keyboard and mouse most likely has a small USB receiver that plugs into the USB port just like any Desktop or Laptop.

Yes, the Panache Air PC comes with Windows 10 pre-loaded and as such you can download the Youtube Windows app from the Windows Store or access Youtube service from its website. Its Quad Core Intel Atom Z3735F processor and 2GB memory & HD graphics allows HD media streaming just as a desktop PC would.

The Panache Air PC comes with an AC power adapter (plug) and USB to Micro USB. No further purchase is necessary!

No, AIR PC should be connected to a display device such as a LED / LCD TV or a monitor via the HDMI port. If HDMI port is not available on the display device, a HDMI to VGA converter can be used to drive the display.

Yes. You can connect either USB speakers/headphones for audio. If using a 3.5 mm jack, USB to Audio Jack convertors are available in the market which can be used with Air PC.

Check if the LED on the Air PC is glowing. If yes, check if the display cable is connected properly and the right input source is selected on the TV (Display Device)

Yes. The Projector can be used as a display device for the Air PC. You can either use the HDMI port on the Projector or VGA to HDMI convertor for driving the display.

Power on the Air PC and keep pressing the Shift Key once you see the Panache logo. The system will ask for Refreshing the OS which is a very easy process for restoring the OS.

Go to Control Panel -> Sounds and select the HDMI TV (name) as a default option for audio.

If you were unable to find an appropriate answer to your query, please email us at support@myairpc.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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